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Mission Statement

USA Dance Strategic Plan – Statement of Mission

Identity USA Dance is a non-profit membership-driven organization, representing a fifty-year legacy of excellence in dance, inspiring a healthy lifestyle for all generations, and as the United States Olympic Committee recognized National Governing Body of DanceSport, USA Dance promotes DanceSport as an Olympic recognized sport.

Mission Our mission is to improve the quality and the quantity of ballroom dancing in the United States.

USA Dance exists to create and enrich a nationwide community of ballroom dancers, both social and competitive, through a network of chapters, spanning all generations, through education and community outreach.

Our long history of excellence is demonstrated by: its recognition as the sole National Governing Body of DanceSport by the United States Olympic Committee, making USA Dance the only organization in the United States that has the right to select United States representatives to participate in world championships that are part of the Olympic family of sporting events being the only United States member of the World DanceSport Federation, the International Olympic Committee recognized global governing body for DanceSport promoting DanceSport as part of the Olympic movement ensuring ethics, fair play, and democratic principles

About USA Dance, Inc.

USA DANCE Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is the National Governing Body for DanceSport in the United States, sponsoring and sanctioning the highest quality of competitive dance opportunities in the country, including 11 National Qualifying Events, the National DanceSport Championships and the Collegiate National DanceSport Championships. With 162 local dance chapters, USA Dance supports thousands of grassroots programs and opportunities for both recreational and competitive dancers. USA Dance is a multi-sports member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee and joins 91 countries within the World DanceSport Federation, sending USA DanceSport athletes to compete at WDSF world games and championships and supporting the global movement to bring DanceSport to the Olympic Games.

USA DANCE is the National Governing Body for DanceSport in the United States and with more than 160 chapters throughout the country is also the representative organization for all social and recreational ballroom and Latin dancers in America, ranging from pre-schoolers to seniors.

For DanceSport, USA Dance is the official member organization of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the U.S. member of the world governing organization, the World DanceSport Federation (called the WDSF), which is the official global member organization of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Along with the WDSF, USA Dance has the sustaining mission to gain national and global acceptance for DanceSport as an official medal sport in the Olympic Games.

With nearly 19,000 U.S. members who financially support the national programs and with an outreach of more than 200,000 dancers, USA DANCE serves the industry as a leader and also as a 501c3 non-profit organization, approved by the Internal Revenue Service, and is authorized to solicit and receive donations from the public to support its promotional and educational programs.

Important USA Dance programs include the support and establishment of chapters throughout the country, financial and training support of our country's top athletes, organization and regulation of DanceSport competitions at the regional and national levels, encouragement of Special Olympics DanceSport and a K-12 after-school dance programs, support of seniors as recreational dancers and as athletes, fostering of a healthy, productive communications exchange via the general media and the USA Dance website, social media sites and the official publication American Dancer.

Essentially, USA Dance has the overall mission to increase the quality and quantity of ballroom dancing in America.
Purpose & Programs of USA DANCE

Membership Chapters directly support USA DANCE's national programs to increase the numbers of members--youth, adult, seniors, social, and DanceSport athletes.

Informational Resource

Each Chapter is encouraged to publish a chapter websites provide information about the chapter, USA Dance, upcoming events and local contacts. Additionally, a hard copy and/or email newsletter that has value for both social and competitive members. In addition to news items on ballroom dancing, chapter programs and DanceSport, newsletters usually include:

Media Channels Content Development Focus


Calendar of events regarding
Standard Contact, Email, Phone, Mailing Address Email Marketing List Facebook Hard Copy Newsletter

dancing, Articles of Interest Directory of places in the area to dance ballroom, Directory of Instructors/Studios Classified ads, at no cost to members. Collection of Photos/Videos

Adult Dance Programs Affordable social dance programs are the cornerstone of each Chapter's activities. These programs include frequent social dances (usually monthly) supported by the full use of available media coverage to bring in new dancers to Chapter events. Admission charges are discounted for members but all events are open to the public and non-members are encouraged to attend. The social dance programs of Chapters often include exhibitions, demonstrations, mixers and line dances. Singles and students are welcome at Chapter dances.

Black Tie Affair Most Chapters sponsor at least one elegant, formal affair each year.

Fund Raisers, Scholarships & Advertising Chapters are encouraged to dedicate at least one monthly dance each year to raising funds to support their K12 or College outreach programs. Chapters sometimes hold special fundraisers to help finance the cost of travel for their competitor members who wish to participate in the USA DANCE National DanceSport Championships. Chapters also sponsor fund raisers for charities, i.e. "Affair of the Heart" (for the Heart Association), Wounded Warriors Appreciation Ball, Alzheimers Foundation and many others.

Dance Lessons Chapters usually present a one-hour group dance lesson at the beginning of each social dance. Members are encouraged to take some dance lessons to increase their skills and confidence on the dance floor. Chapters also arrange low-cost group dance lessons, workshops, and seminars for their members and are encouraged to provide special dance lessons for beginners.

Performance Teams Chapter Performance Teams give demonstrations of ballroom dancing at public events. Examples are: Festivals, fairs, expositions and other civic events; shopping malls; clubs; social events; schools; cotillions; nursing homes and any event or location that will attract significant numbers of people.

Collegiate Program Chapters help start and then support ballroom dance programs in colleges. This includes fundraising events and seeking donations by businesses and college alumnus. College DanceSport Teams participate in competitions between colleges and in USA Dance DanceSport events, and sometimes give demonstrations in other colleges, high schools and at public events.

K12 Youth Program Chapters develop programs of free or very low-cost ballroom dance lessons for school students K-12. These young dancers might give dance demonstrations in local schools and civic events, and, if interested, be encouraged to participate in DanceSport competitions. The goal is to expose young people to the physical, mental and social benefits of dance and develop talented DanceSport athletes in support of the Olympic movement while providing useful activities for students either during or after regular school hours.

DanceSport Competition Chapters are encouraged to sponsor a Chapter Competition and to encourage their members to participate in USA Dance sponsored DanceSport competitions or to attend and enjoy these events as spectators.

Olympics DanceSport is a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and as the National Governing Body of DanceSport in the United States, USA Dance is part of the Olympic movement and supports the principles and ideals of Olympism.